New Category

New Category Needed for Recruitment Professionals

Houston, we have a problem.

We couldn't find a category to associate our firm with!

  • We have improved our service offering and pricing.
  • We have focused it down to one main service to help our clients to recruit, engage and retain the best talent available.
However there is no existing category that seems to fit who we are.

In the past, clients, friends, peers, etc. have thought of us as a:

  1. Contingency recruitment agency
  2. Retained recruitment agency
  3. Staffing agency
  4. Headhunter agency
  5. Recruitment process outsourcing agency
  6. Executive Search Agency

All of the categories above describe a service that replaces the internal recruitment function on 1 transaction at a time, or on an ongoing basis.

This is not who we are.

Our goal is to #maximize our client's current resources and therefore maximize their results. In other words, our goal is to enhance their existing recruiters and HR staff, not replace them.

So, you may ask "What would you like to be known as?" Instead, we want to be known as someone who makes the recruitment process better.

How about a new category? Recruitment Process Enhancement!

New category, New Leader

We would love to be the leader in the category and have other agencies and/or companies convert to our new category. It is time for a revolution in the way we help our clients improve their companies, and candidates improve their careers!

#RecruitProcessEnhancement would include companies who work to improve their client's recruitment process instead of replacing it. Examples:

  1. Refining the creation of job descriptions
  2. Improving how the jobs are advertised
  3. Bundle services for clients to help them get the right tools faster
  4. Helping clients to source more candidates on their own
  5. Helping to streamline the interview process to make go faster
  6. Show our companies how to use applicant tracking systems to hire more instead of filter and store more
  7. Improve communication between employers and interested candidates
  8. Improve the branding experience for the entire recruitment process

We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to throw in some new ideas as well if you are a frustrated employer or candidate!

Rollis Fontenot IIIRollis Fontenot IIIPresident and Business Development Executive for Ascend HR Corp. Rollis recruited healthcare clinicians, professionals, managers and executives since 2004. Some examples titles include: CEO, Director, Nurse Manager, RN, nurse practitioner, physician, physician assistant and more. Rollis has also recruited many other functions within healthcare as well as escrow officers and assistants within the title insurance industry.

Ascend HR Corp offers recruitment services on a monthly subscription. We specialize in recruitment process enhancement from finding qualified and interested candidates all the way to full life-cycle recruitment for our clients. We specialize in fixing the most difficult recruitment issues/challenges. No problem is too large. We can help turn around the results of any recruitment department that wants to improve. Please download a sample of Rollis' book "Winning the Talent Acquisition Game with Recruitment Process Enhancement"