Ascend Registered Nurse Job Postings Index (ARNJPI)*

  • Launch: February 23, 2019
  • Initial Period: 1/1/19 - 5/31/2021
  • Current Period: 1/31/21 - 5/31/20211
  • Reporting: Monthly

Why is the Index Important?

  • This index will help employers create better strategic plans based on real-time hiring data.
  • Assist in predicting recruitment advertising costs as well as the “time to find” registered nurse candidates.
  • Tracking the index can help identify the most optimal times of the year to open new searches for registered nurses.
  • Organizations planning for expansion or acquisition can predict the degree of difficulty on staffing up during certain times of the year.
  • By tracking both mobile and desktop indexes separately, we are measuring how nurses are finding the jobs over time as well.

Job Postings Continue Rising Through May | 5.31.21

  • After some ups and downs, the Ascend HR Corp Registered Job Postings Index (ARNJPI) rose through much of April.
  • The ARNJOI for mobile ended May at 3,515, up from the 2020 end value of 1,730 and the April end value of 890.
  • Overall, RN job postings are are at a two year high and continuing to rise.
  • On incentives, the 30-day rolling sum dropped from $6.9 million to $6.1 million, slightly below all-time highs.

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