Marketing hard-to-fill jobs

List of 7 ideas to improve candidate results on marketing hard-to-fill jobs

You are probably aware that the simplest answer to fix our recruitment problems is to do more of what's working, and immediately stop doing what is not working.

However, I wanted to give you a partial list of things you could look at doing to improve your results even more...

What can we change about how we are marketing the job?

  1. Change the job description to more of a job advertisement (Job descriptions aren't usually very engaging and don't explain why the candidate should join their firm)
  2. Create several job advertisements that appeal to different demographics (recent grads vs. seasoned professionals, etc.)
  3. Show your job advertisement to someone who is doing the job now or recently in the past to get their feedback on proposed changes
  4. Add pictures/images of real people or pictures of the job environment
  5. Add a short video of the hiring manager or company (4 mins or less)
  6. Add/change job boards/data sources, etc.
  7. Start/reinvigorate a referral program internally

Extra: Start a sponsored campaign with a small budget. Linkedin Jobs and Indeed sponsorship are popular options, however there are also other options to consider, like paying for an ad instead of a job on Linkedin or using Facebook and Twitter ads that point to your job posting on your site.

It is optimal if you can document the change in your process and track the process to see if the changes are working.

There are obviously more things we can do, however this can be a good start for things to consider. Feel free to ad your ideas below or reach out to me with questions.

Rollis Fontenot IIIRollis Fontenot IIIPresident and Business Development Executive for Ascend HR Corp. Rollis recruited healthcare clinicians, professionals, managers and executives since 2004. Some examples titles include: CEO, Director, Nurse Manager, RN, nurse practitioner, physician, physician assistant and more. Rollis has also recruited many other functions within healthcare as well as escrow officers and assistants within the title insurance industry.

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