Overcoming Recruiting Challenges

If you are having recruiting challenges, try this!

The simplest answer is to do more of what's working and immediately stop doing what is not working. So to get to that point, here are 3 questions you should ask yourself (or team) if you want to fix the issue. They are simple questions, however they are usually not easy to answer quickly:

What are we doing? - In other words, have a blueprint, or recruitment process documented where the key players internally have a detailed version, while others outside of the department can easily be brought up to speed with a condensed version.

What's working? - When analyzing the data resulting from the current process, identify what is the 20% that is responsible for 80% of your department's/company's success in landing the best talent. This involves analyzing the job requirements/description/advertisement, job boards utilized, data sources for lists, referral networks, etc.

What's not working? - Some avenues produce an excess of candidates (both qualified and unqualified) that need to be evaluated, therefore taking more time than the staff has to evaluate them, while other avenues produce nothing tangible.

The simplest answer is to do more of what's working and immediately stop doing what is not working

This will take some time to uncover, however finding the answers are well worth the effort.

In my next article, I will supply a partial list of things you could look at implementing in order to improve your results and fill the job with best talent available, faster...

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Rollis Fontenot IIIRollis Fontenot IIIPresident and Business Development Executive for Ascend HR Corp. Rollis recruited healthcare clinicians, professionals, managers and executives since 2004. Some examples titles include: CEO, Director, Nurse Manager, RN, nurse practitioner, physician, physician assistant and more. Rollis has also recruited many other functions within healthcare as well as escrow officers and assistants within the title insurance industry.

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