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About Ascend HR Corp

Why Work With Us?

Ascend HR Corp is a nationwide HR Services and Talent Acquisition firm that specializes in Recruitment Process Enhancement. Using our diversely trained and educated team, along with top-notch technology, our firm has been able to enhance and modernize some of the outdated practices currently being used in the HR and recruiting industry.

We become Strategic Partners with our clients, rather than being just another vendor, in order to better service their broad array of HR and Talent needs. Our goal is to become integral to your talent acquisition team, while ensuring that your organization's needs are met with unmatched skill, professionalism, and customer service.

Talent Acquisition

We can provide parts of our service at a discount all the way up to full life cycle recruitment. We specialize in Recruitment Process Enhancement (RPE), which is a cost-effective way to attract the best talent available when making multiple hires or when your company is growing.

HR Services

Our HR Services will help your firm engage and retain the precious talent that you have acquired. We offer a variety of solutions to help support your HR team members, who are often overloaded. Employee engagement is crucial to retain your best talent.

The Great HR Challenge: Do More With Less

We understand what it means to “do more with less.” We know that it is extremely difficult to deliver 5-Star Service to your hiring managers when your department is understaffed and is doing whatever it can to control costs. The good news is that we have found a way to help you acquire the best talent available within or below budget. We have found that several companies with fully functioning HR departments are making the mistake of paying for services they don’t use or need.

Why most recruiting firms fail to offer an economical solution

The reason why most recruiting firms don’t offer more solutions and pricing options is because contingency agreements are the easiest to implement, and companies are very familiar and comfortable with this type of arrangement. In other words, it is what the industry has become comfortable with. 

However, we have found that in working with our clients over the years, most midsized to large companies we work with don’t need full life-cycle recruitment. What they need is help with finding, identifying, and contacting more qualified candidates interested in their opportunity, while the needs for additional services (facilitating interviews, interfacing with the hiring managers, explaining benefits, negotiating salary, etc) is generally not needed. This is because their internal HR Staff usually already supplies these services. Since most agencies do not break out their services, companies often pay for more services than they actually use.

When they pay a contingency or retained search fee, they are essentially paying a fee for everything from candidate sourcing, candidate selection, conducting phone pre-screens, setting up phone and face-to-face interviews with hiring managers, salary & benefit negotiation, travel arrangements, and full on-boarding until the candidate starts on day one. 

In the case of a small company, without a fully staffed HR department, all these functions are generally needed. It is also appropriate for Mid-sized to Large companies who have a position that they do not wish to allocate to their HR department to fill, such as CEO or CHRO. In the case of the latter, a retained search is usually a much better option, unless they are just considering at 1 or 2 candidates from a firm with whom they don’t have an established relationship.

We Have Found a Solution

We have found that most clients only need outside help with the first few steps of recruitment such as: sourcing additional candidates, initially screening to identify the qualified ones, and conducting initial phone screens before passing on to the HR department. Most HR departments are well-equipped to handle the rest from there.

If this is the case with your organization, we can help you save up to 75% in outsourced talent acquisition fees by never having to pay a permanent placement fee using our service! Of course we can also help you with full life-cycle recruitment  when needed. 

We do this by offering a subscription-based service where you have the choice of focus on particular parts of the HR and/or recruitment process. By utilizing our resources on your project, we can help improve the results of recruitment, engagement and long-term retention of the company's best talent. Full life-cycle recruitment also remains an option as well.

Attracting the Best Talent

Is Now Mission Possible With Ascend

Our Vision

To build a world-class organization that empowers our clients to recruit and retain the best talent available worldwide.

Our Philosophy

We look to become a strategic partner that is fully vested in each of our client’s success. However, as an outside organization we also have a unique perspective that is valuable to our clients.

Why Choose Us

We offer the most relevant recruitment resources and expertise in addition to helping our clients to retain their best talent. When valuable team members are lost, our firm can step in quickly and help them find a suitable replacement.








Winning the War for Talent

To secure and retain top talent in your organization, review these specific tips for successful candidate attraction. We are pleased to offer this video to our clients and candidates and is a part of our search process.

Common Challenges

Some jobs can be filled by simply posting and filtering the candidates, however most organizations do not have this luxury when looking to fill hard-to-fill requisitions or certain key positions within the organization. Some companies with a surplus of candidates, still find it a significant challenge to allocate resources to screen and filter through the resumes to find the best talent available. The solutions we offer can address either scenario and include industry leading recruitment technology as well as the human resources available to help you attract and retain the best.

Interviewing the Best Talent

This video provides quick tips for hiring managers to ensure an effective candidate interview. We are pleased to offer this video to our clients and candidates and is a part of our search process.

Retain & Engage

Successful Candidate Onboarding

To secure and retain top talent in your organization, review these specific tips for successful candidate on boarding. We are pleased to offer this video to our clients and candidates and is a part of our search process.

Sample Client List

A sampling of some of our valued clients


Certifications and Associations

CMBL (Centralized Master Bidders List) #1262890139400
Texas HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) Certified #474180
ACHCR (American Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters)
NCHCR (National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters)
TLTA (Texas Land and Title Association
ALTA (American Land Title Association)
HNCC (Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce)

company history timeline

Houston, Texas


Expanded Service Offering

RPE | RPO, Retained Search, and Recruitment Technology Solutions were added as additional service offerings. Recruitment Process Enhancement (RPE) and Outsourcing (RPO) are cost-effective ways to attract the best talent while retained search is best used in leadership and other specialized positions.

Houston, Texas


Expansion and Movement

Company expanded its offering to the real estate title and escrow industry and company headquarters was moved to 110 Vintage Park Blvd in Houston, Texas.

Houston, Texas


Recruiting Division

Company created a recruiting division and began to offer full life-cycle recruitment on a contingency basis to the healthcare industry including dirctor to C-level candidates. In 2011, a new corporate headquarters was established on Walters Rd in Houston, Texas.

Houston, Texas


Started as recruiting website

Company started operating as a job board website under the name Recruit Hospital Executives.com Inc.

Recruitment Technology and Marketing Solutions

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Job Advertising
  • Recruiting Software
  • Career Page Setup
Recruitment Technology Solutions
  • HR Services
  • List Building
  • Candidate Calling
  • Video Marketing

Talent Acquisition Specialties

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

NP's and PA's

We recruit Nurse Practitioners | Physician
Assistants nationwide.
Physicians & Medical Directors

Physicians & Medical Directors

We recruit MD/DO's and medical directors nationwide.
Nurse Managers and Supervisors

Nurse Managers | Supervisors

We recruit nurse manager | supervisor
candidates nationwide.
Healthcare Executives

Healthcare Executives

We recruit Healthcare Director to C-Level
candidates nationwide.
HR Professionals

HR | Managers | Directors

We recruit human resource professionals, managers, directors nationwide.
Title Insurance Executives

Title Insurance Executives

We recruit Director to C-Level Executives nationwide.
Escrow Officer Branch Managers

Escrow Branch Managers

We recruit escrow officer branch managers of
escrow or title offices.
Escrow Officers | Title Closers

Escrow Officers | Title Closers

We recruit escrow officers | title insurance
professionals of escrow or title offices.

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